In addition to screening for tooth decay and periodontal disease (problems with the teeth and gums) during your pet’s well visits, Melrose Animal Clinic veterinarians provide comprehensive dental care in the practice’s dental treatment suite. The suite is equipped with the latest pet-dental technology, including digital dental radiography and veterinary-specific dental technology. All of our veterinarians have completed advanced training and are highly experienced in veterinary dentistry.

Protecting Teeth and Gums
Periodontal disease is the most common disease in dogs and one of the most common in cats. The risk of your pet developing tooth and gum problems can be significantly reduced by establishing good oral hygiene habits at home. We are happy to work with our clients to develop a plan that works well for pets and the people who care for them. We can teach you how and how often to brush your pet’s teeth, recommend treats and water additives designed to enhance oral health, and share the signs and symptoms of tooth and gum problems to watch for.

Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment & Treatment (COHAT)
Periodontal disease in cats and dogs develops in stages. When diagnosed and treated in the earliest stages, permanent damage to your pet’s teeth and gums can be avoided or minimized. In later stages, periodontal disease leads to bone and tissue loss, as well as infection. More intensive treatment is needed to manage advanced disease to make your pet comfortable.

The dental services available at Melrose Animal Clinic include Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment & Treatment, also known as COHAT and commonly known as a dental cleaning. For your pet’s comfort and safety, COHAT is performed under anesthesia, adhering to the same strict safety and pain-management protocols on which we insist for surgical procedures. These include pre-treatment blood testing to be sure your pet is healthy enough to have the procedure; an intravenous catheter to keep your pet well hydrated and maintain a normal blood pressure; continuous monitoring; and medications before, during and after the procedure to keep your pet relaxed and comfortable.

COHAT involves removing all of the plaque and tartar from tooth surfaces, as well as deposits under the gum line; a thorough evaluation of every tooth to determine the need for repair or extraction; x-rays to identify disease hidden below the gum line; extractions if necessary; polishing to help prevent new plaque and tarter from forming; and recording the condition of your pet’s teeth in his/her chart so we can monitor progress. When the procedure is complete, we will show you before and after pictures, and work with you to develop a home dental plan customized for your pet’s individual needs.