Adult Pet Care

Addressing Your Pet’s Changing Health Needs
While adult pets may not change as rapidly as puppies and kittens, their health needs will evolve over time. Our veterinarians understand this and will work with you to establish a proactive pet wellness plan to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.

Once a Year, It’s Important
It’s important that you bring your pet in for a complete physical each year. During this appointment, our veterinarians will examine your pet from nose to toes, including his or her eyes, ears, skin, hair coat, teeth, mouth, and gums. In addition, we will listen to the heart and lungs, feel the belly, check the lymph nodes, and more.

Our veterinarians will also speak with you about any changes in your pet’s appetite, drinking habits, or behavior you might have noticed. Depending upon your pet’s breed, age, and lifestyle factors, we may recommend selected lab tests be performed to screen for potential conditions or diseases, as well as establish baseline measurements for future use.

During your pets yearly visit our veterinarians may also discuss pet vaccinations, dental care, nutrition counseling and parasite screenings.

To learn more about caring for your pets—canines, felines, young and old—follow the links below.