Melrose Animal Clinic’s veterinarians are skilled surgeons dedicated to performing the surgical procedures required for your pet to maintain or regain his/her health. Among our areas of expertise are soft tissue procedures including spays and neuters; mass/tumor removals; abdominal and bladder surgeries; and orthopedic surgeries. What sets us apart from many other practices are the meticulous protocols we have in place to ensure your pet’s safety and minimize discomfort before, during and after surgery.

We perform the vast majority of surgeries in our on-site, state-of-the-art surgical suite. The majority of our surgeries use a special surgical laser, which replaces the scapel,  minimizing bleeding, reducing post-surgery pain, swelling and risk of infection; and speeding recovery time.

Safety First
We recognize that your pet is a treasured member of your family. In fact, the surgical care we provide for your pet is not unlike the care you would receive in a human hospital. To ensure your pet’s safety, we:

  • Perform pre-operative blood testing to be sure your pet’s organs and systems are healthy enough for surgery and recovery.
  • Insert intravenous catheters to keep your pet hydrated, maintain a normal blood pressure, administer additional medications when needed, and flush anesthetic medicines out of your pet’s system when the procedure is complete and it is time for him/her to wake up.
  • Utilize advanced monitoring equipment throughout the procedure to continuously monitor your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate, the electrical activity of the heart, blood oxygen level, respiration rate and temperature.

And Comfort, Too
When it comes to pain management, Melrose Animal Clinic’s staff imagines themselves in their patients’ paws and takes every possible measure to be sure your pet is comfortable every step of the way. We cater your pet’s pain management plan to his/her specific needs, taking into consideration your pets’ species, age, size, breed, disposition, anxiety level and the procedure he/she is having. The medications we administer before, during and after surgery are the newest and safest available. We’ll often employ multiple medications at the same time, which is known to be a more effective way to manage pain and decrease the risk of medication side effects. Your pet likely will benefit from pain medication as he/she recovers from surgery at home, too. Rest assured we will prescribe exactly what your pet needs to recover in comfort.