Dog wearing a bowtie: Rebates in Melrose
Dog wearing a beanie: Rebates in Melrose

In-Clinic Pharmacy Rebates

At Melrose Animal Clinic, we’re all about making pet care accessible, safe, and affordable. We always aim to provide the very best of veterinary medicine to our clients. To that end, we offer in-house rebates, pet promotions, and medications that meet the most stringent of guidelines.

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About Our Pet Medications

Our medications:

  • Carry the full manufacturer warranty of effectiveness and protection against adverse side effects.
  • Are guaranteed to be handled according to manufacturer guidelines.
  • Are priced competitively compared to online pharmacies due to the use of manufacturer rebates available exclusively when the medications are purchased directly from your veterinarian.*
  • Can be shipped to you FREE of charge if picking them up from the clinic is an issue.

*Whenever the manufacturer allows, we will submit any rebate paperwork for you, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and receive a rebate check in the mail!

Current In-House Rebates

The medications for which there are commonly rebates include:

  • Heartworm preventatives
    • Sentinal (monthly chewable tablets)
    • ProHeart (injectable protection for either 6 or 12 months
    • Revolution (monthly topical medication)
  • Flea and tick preventatives
    • Simparica (monthly chewable tablets)
    • Bravecto (chewable tablet given every 12 weeks)

Please contact us at (781) 662-4888 for the most recent rebates available.

A Word About Online Pet Pharmacies

While purchasing from online pharmacies may seem like a convenient and cheap option for pet owners, it does come with some hidden risks.

  • Some online pharmacies are legitimate sources of pet medications, while others are fronts for law-breaking businesses that sell expired and counterfeit medications. There have been multiple "online pharmacies" prosecuted for these offenses.
  • Some online pet pharmacies purchase their medications through black market sources known as "diverters." So, even when the medications are legitimate, they may have been exposed to inappropriate storage temperatures, sunlight, etc. during their "diversion."
  • The drug manufacturers offer warranties ONLY when medications are sold by veterinarians who purchase the medications directly. These warranties, which protect your pets against ineffectiveness or adverse reactions, are invalid when the medication is purchased from many of these online pharmacies.
  • The FDA itself has released warnings regarding the use of online pet pharmacies. Learn more here.