Cat in a blanket: Pet Insurance in Melrose
Black dog sitting on the floor: Pet Insurance in Melrose

Peace of Mind with Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be confusing, and many pet owners ask, “Is it really worth the money?” We decided to investigate, and after extensive research, we found that it really is worth the cost. We’ve outlined some reasons why pet insurance is a smart choice, as well as some side-by-side comparisons of the most popular companies’ policies. First, though, let’s focus on some reasons why pet insurance can save you and your pet a lot of hassle and heartache.

Dog sitting with a vet: Pet Insurance in Melrose

Securing Your Pet's Well-Being

If nothing else, insurance gives you solid peace of mind. If your pet does become sick or injured, you’ll never have to worry about making medical care decisions based on finances. The costs of veterinary care are rising as new advancements are made to bring the best care to our companions, so protecting your budget with pet insurance is wise. Most pets will end up in an emergency situation at least once in their lifetime. It’s best to be prepared.

Pro Tip: Purchase pet insurance when your pet is still young. Insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions, so getting insurance when your pet is young and healthy can help save you money further down the line.

We Are a Trupanion Express Practice

As a Trupanion Express Practice, we have a special relationship with Trupanion that greatly benefits our clients. With a Trupanion insurance plan, you avoid paying out-of-pocket for any covered medical condition because Trupanion pays us directly, so you don't ever have to wait for reimbursement. Sound good? Here's the breakdown of Trupanion's insurance, as well as a couple of competitors for comparison:

Cat on an exam table: Pet Insurance in Melrose
  • Strictly accident and illness only
  • Premium remains the same for the life of the pet
  • Free 30 days of coverage for puppies and kittens under one year of age, after having a physical with a vet and then calling to register; you must enroll within 24 hours of the physical to be eligible
  • Never pay out-of-pocket at a Trupanion Express Practice for any medical procedures that are covered in your insurance. Learn more here.
  • Visit online at or call (800) 569-7913
  • Has both accident/illness and wellness plans available
  • Lower initial premium does increase with the pet’s age, although they do have a policy that freezes premiums
  • You pay the veterinarian upfront, insurance reimburses you up to 90%
  • Visit online at or call (866) VET-PETS
  • Has four levels to choose from: Accidents, Illness, Wellness, and Wellness Plus
  • You pay the veterinarians upfront, insurance reimburses you up to 80%
  • Visit online at or call (866) 861-9092

Watch our video on pet insurance in our video library to learn more!