dog surgeries in melrose, ma
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Pet Surgeries in Melrose

At Melrose Animal Clinic, we employ the latest best practices for all of our surgical procedures. As an AAHA-accredited hospital, we have meticulous protocols in place to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort before, during, and after surgery. Pet surgeries can help your pet lead a happier, healthier life and you can count on us to discuss all your pet’s options with you before we decide on surgery. Our veterinarians are skilled at many soft tissue procedures and we use a laser scalpel for a majority of those surgeries.

Veterinary Surgery Safety Above All Else

We recognize that your pet is a treasured member of your family. That’s why their safety is our topmost priority. The surgical care we provide is not unlike that which you would receive in a human hospital. We take several precautionary measures to ensure your pet’s safety including:

  • Pre-operative blood testing to be sure your pet’s organs are healthy enough for anesthesia, veterinary surgery, and recovery.
  • Intravenous catheters to keep your pet hydrated with warmed, maintain a normal blood pressure, administer additional medications if need, and flush anesthetic medicines out of your pet’s systems when it’s time for them to wake up.
  • Advanced monitoring equipment to track your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate, EKG, blood-oxygen level, respiration rate, temperature and more.
happy dog after surgery

Soft Tissue Veterinary Surgeries

Pet surgeries we perform include:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Mass or tumor removals
  • Abdominal surgeries
  • Foreign body removals
  • Cystotomies (bladder surgery)
  • And so much more

Benefits of a Laser Scalpel

Whenever possible, our trained veterinarians use a laser scalpel for soft tissue veterinary surgery. A laser scalpel offers numerous benefits to your pet including:

  • Minimizing bleeding
  • Reducing post-surgical pain
  • Decreasing the risk of inflammation and infection
  • Speeding recovery time
happy dog at our animal hospital

Taking Comfort in Pain Relief

After surgery, you want your pet to be pain-free as soon as possible so they can return to their playful selves. We get it. At Melrose Animal Clinic, we’re pet parents, too, so we make sure your pet is comfortable at every step of the way. Your pet receives the safest medications available before, during, and after surgery. Upon their release, we’ll prescribe at-home pain relief. Depending on your pet’s surgery, condition, and response to medication, we may recommend laser therapy as a complement or alternative form of pain relief.

Please contact us today at (781) 662-4888 if you have any questions about pet surgeries.